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Personalized Skin Care Gets a "Skin-Transforming" Boost from VISIA Complexion Analysis according to Porter Magazine

Porter Magazine Reports on VISIA Fall 2017In the quest for self-knowledge, the in-clinic VISIA Complexion Analysis machine provides a snapshot of your skin, highlighting underlying issues the eye does not yet see. Taking only a few minutes to scan a clean face, it documents texture, wrinkles (the difference between my scan post-Botox and six months later is quite astounding on the wrinkle count), pores and areas of rosacea, bacteria and pigmentation.  "It helps show me the underlying issues," explains London-based Dr Tapan Patel.  "So if treating rosacea, it lets me see other areas where it may not yet be visible but which I can start to treat." It can also give you a glimpse into the future of your skin. A friend with a famously creamy complexion attributes its clarity to a "skin-transforming" VISIA session. Seeing a mass of subsurface pigmentation gave her the knowledge to transform her skin regime by upping the SPFs and incorporating daily antioxidants to protect and vitamin C to repair.

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