The Perfect Module Solution in Digital Dermoscopy

The VISIOMED E50+ is the optimum introduction to the world of digital reflected-light microscopy. Able to visualize, in a brilliant manner, even the smallest changes of skin blemishes, unnecessary excisions can be avoided

Reliable Skin Examinations

The patented lens offers 20-50x magnification in the highest quality. The camera is completely controlled by the software so that the same image parameters are always used. Consistent, standardized image quality is thus also assured for follow-ups.

The precision lens assures that neither color or brightness variations nor geometric distortions occur. Work successfully using significant, standardized images.

DermaGraphix Logo

DermaGraphix® software and the VISIOMED E50+ deliver fast and repeatable lesion management to any practice.

Dermagraphix Dashboard

The DermaGraphix dashboard organizes patient images for optimal review and assessment.


Easy surveillance with side-by-side comparison of overview and dermoscopic images.

Advanced Dermoscopy

Live View

Live View

The live image of the camera is shown on both the high-resolution touch screen and the integrated display. 

USB Connection

USB Connection

Simple universal USB-interface which allows for clinician laptop-installation use 

Standardized Imaging

Standardized Imaging

Ensure consistently safe and reliable imaging.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Slim, lightweight body, easy to handle with a user-friendly design

20-50x Magnification

20-50x Magnification

Able to visualize, in a brilliant manner, even the smallest changes of skin blemishes

Canfield Care® Available

Canfield Care® Available

Unlimited technical support, hardware warranty, training webinars, software upgrades and ViewMyConsult® access.

Tech Specs


What’s Included
• VISIOMED E50+ dermatoscope
• Front attachment, large with glass
• Power supply
• Power Cord

Device size and weight
• Base unit: 300 mm x 300 mm x 110 mm, 1650 g
• Hand-held unit: 150 mm legnth x 58 mm diameter, 350 g
• Total weight: 1950 g


Canfield Support
• Canfield Care available


• 1-year limited warranty and support on hardware.



  • Additional on-site training by Canfield is available, contact us for pricing and additional information. 
  • Unlimited Webinars are included at no charge during the first year or with Canfield Care ($250 value per webinar)