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Canfield’s VECTRA® WB180 is a “game-changer”, per Mount Sinai Hospital

Doctors at Mount Sinai’s Waldman Melanoma Center use Canfield’s VECTRA® WB180 3D whole-body imaging system to screen patients for the earliest signs of skin cancer, as they spread awareness during Melanoma May. Canfield’s VECTRA WB180 imaging system captures 3D bodymap images with non-polarized and cross-polarized lighting for an enhanced view of lesions on the surface of the skin. The high-quality standardized images allow doctors at the Waldman Center to identify and track suspicious lesions automatically using advanced AI tools. Richard Torbek of Mount Sinai’s Icahn’s School of Medicine cites the VECTRA WB180 as a “game-changer” in skin cancer surveillance, as the system assists Mount Sinai’s doctors in melanoma prevention and detection. 

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