Examination magnifier for fast clinical analysis or in-depth dermatological examinations. With its maximized field of view and color-true illumination, the Optima examination magnifier provides optimum support in everyday practice.

Magnification in the Palm of Your Hand

96 microprocessor-controlled LEDs enable a brilliant light which remains constant even at low battery level. Polarized optical filters enable a glare-free view of the skin. UV light for fluorescence analysis (Optima 3-in-1 model).

Lighting modes
VISIOMED Optima 3-in-one

Non-polarized modes Bright full-spectrum illumination allows clinical evaluation of the skin surface. It also provides the ability to rake the light from only one side for improved visualization of skin topographical and textural features.

Cross-polarized mode Eliminates surface reflection allowing the user to better visualize sub-surface pigmented structures and patterns.

UVA / Woods light 365/385nm illumination allows woods lamp equivalent skin examination for evaluation of superficial pigmentation and skin auto-fluorescence.

VISIOMED Optima 3-in-one
Optima Models

  Optima 3-in-1 Optima Daylight
Non-polarized mode
Cross-polarized mode
Raked light
UVA / Woods light  
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VISIOMED Optima 3-in-one
Dual Charging Station

for Optima and Luminis

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VISIOMED Optima 3-in-one

Tech Specs & Requirements

What's Included
  • Optima
  • USB Cable
Optima size and weight
  • 290 mm x 140 mm, 360g
Battery and power
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • USB charging capabilities

Canfield Care® Support & Training

Canfield Care includes:
  • Unlimited expert technical assistance
  • Advanced hardware exchange where available
  • Marketing support
  • Remote training
  • Unlimited Webinars ($250 value per webinar)
  • Your Canfield purchase includes 1 year of complimentary Canfield Care support and training.
  • Warranties: 5 year limited warranty and support on hardware, 6 month limited warranty on rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries