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VECTRA WB180® provides 3D whole-body imaging at Mount Sinai’s new Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center.

Canfield’s VECTRA WB180 has been introduced at Mount Sinai Hospital as part of a larger initiative by the dermatology department to establish a new Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center. The whole-body imaging system uses AI-driven 3D-body mapping technology to track pigmented lesions on the skin’s surface. The VECTRA WB180 will assist Mount Sinai’s staff and highly trained specialists with providing patients the highest quality of care through the early detection and treatment of melanoma. In addition,  Mount Sinai’s researchers will be using the VECTRA WB180 alongside other advanced technologies to explore new skin cancer therapies and research approaches.

VISIA® Featured in ELLE Germany Magazine

In the latest April 2021 issue of ELLE Germany, Beauty Editor Sarah Vogelsang discusses how VISIA Skin Analysis helps her get to know her skin better. She reviews the extensive functions and analysis tools VISIA has to offer, and talks about how impressive the results are. 

VISIA® named in Lipgloss & Aftershave’s 2021 Tech Tool Box

VISIA® has been named in Lipgloss & Aftershave’s 2021 Tech Tool Box, which highlights the most unique skin care innovations and cutting edge technology in the professional skin care industry. 

NewBeauty Magazine Highlights VISIA®'s New Artificial Intelligence-Driven Wrinkle Algorithm

Canfield discusses adding a new VISIA wrinkle algorithm that significantly improves the detection and measurement of fine lines and wrinkles—it’s the device’s first-ever use of artificial intelligence reports NewBeauty. 

Canfield’s HairMetrix® Analysis Tool Provides Non-invasive Consultations for Patients and Practitioners

Canfield’s non-invasive hair consultation tool, HairMetrix®, provides immediate analysis results during the consultation without clipping patient’s hair, according to MedEsthetics. HairMetrix was designed for practitioners tracking progress in patients with hair loss or thinning hair. Canfield discusses how HairMetrix software uses artificial intelligence to process and analyze hair images, providing the practitioner an effective way to determine and clearly communicate treatment options and increase conversions. Practitioners also expect HairMetrix to increase compliance by providing objective evidence of results during a follow-up office visit.

VECTRA WB360® provides the University Hospital in Munich with advanced 3D imaging for plastic surgery and dermatologic skin assessments

The University Hospital in Munich introduced the VECTRA WB360 3D imaging system to its plastic surgery department, enabling doctors to seamlessly create whole body images. After seeing a presentation in New York, Director of Plastic Surgery Ricardo Giunta immediately took interest in the WB360’s advanced technology, which includes 92 HD cameras swiftly taking pictures of the patient at the same time. Now, the WB360 system provides doctors at the University Hospital opportunities to create 3D body mapped images of the patient, monitor pigmented lesions for skin cancer, and measure body volume changes. 

Canfield’s VECTRA® WB360 Images Used to Develop an AI-Driven, Automated Nevus Identification Algorithm 

Researchers at the University of Queensland have implemented Canfield’s newly developed artificial intelligence algorithm to detect nevi on 3D body map images from the VECTRA® WB360 3D total body imaging system. Using Canfield’s 3D imaging technology and advanced AI algorithms, researchers from Canfield and the University of Queensland have created a sophisticated system that shows the potential to improve nevi detection accuracy which may help improve estimation of melanoma risk. This groundbreaking solution may also help to limit clinical errors and save clinician time and money.  

University of Queensland to Revolutionize Early Detection of Melanoma using Canfield's VECTRA® WB360

University of Queensland received a $9.9 million grant from Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) to install 15 VECTRA WB360 systems in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The 3D bodymapping solutions will further enhance dermatologists' ability to detect and treat melanoma across Australia. 

VISIA® Skin Analysis System Featured on CNET

CNET spent the day with Dr. Jerome Potozkin in Danville, CA learning all about how the VISIA Skin Analysis communicates what is happening on and under the patient's skin surface and the importance of wearing sunscreen.

The Skin Cancer Foundation uses the Reveal® Imager for their 18-city educational RV tour

The Skin Cancer Foundation kicks off its mobile education and screening program, Destination Healthy Skin, in their 38-foot RV customized with two consultation rooms with Canfield’s Reveal® Imager for consultations.